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Blue Moon has come under fire from the Brewers Association for not stating on the bottle that the beer is made by MillerCoors. The Brewers Association says that this omission allows the Blue Moon Brewing Company to masquerade as an independent craft brewer. [5] Independent craft brewers, such as Greg Koch, CEO of Stone Brewing Co. , agree that the multinational conglomerate brewers' use of bottle imagery similar to independent craft beers misleads consumers. [6] In May 2015, a California man filed suit against MillerCoors for the "Craft Beer" labeling. [7]

A: In an extensive 3 year test, done by the USDA at the Meat Animal Research Center at Clay Center, Nebraska, the Belgian Blue crossbred cattle were tested with the industry standard Warner-Brazner shear test for tenderness. The Belgian Blue cattle had a lower shear value than the Hereford-Angus contemporary average, vs. , with comparable tenderness and flavor on the sensory panel. The Belgian Blue cattle also exhibited less that half the fat cover, .21 inch cover vs.45 inch cover, a 53% reduction! With the industry talking about going to a .25 inch trim, this shows the Belgian Blue to be on line for the new standards. Remember, it takes time and wastes pounds of purchased product to remove fat.

While females and juveniles are orange to tawny, males are much darker – their coat is typically bluish grey. The ventral parts, the insides of the thighs and the tail are all white. [30] A white stripe extends from the underbelly and broadens as it approaches the rump , forming a patch lined with dark hair. [29] Almost white, though not albino , individuals have been observed in the Sariska National Park ( Rajasthan , India) [31] while individuals with white patches have been recorded at zoos. [32] The hairs, typically 23–28 centimetres (– in) long, are fragile and brittle. [33] Males have thicker skin on their head and neck that protect them in fights. [6] The coat is not well-insulated with fat during winter, and consequently severe cold might be fatal for the nilgai. [34]

Belgian blue bull steroids

belgian blue bull steroids


belgian blue bull steroidsbelgian blue bull steroidsbelgian blue bull steroidsbelgian blue bull steroidsbelgian blue bull steroids