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I joined the IHG rewards club in September 2014. Unfortunately I should have joined when I first stayed in August because I missed out on just the base points for approximately 15 nights averaging $150 a night. Ouch! That doesn’t include the extra bonus points I would have received by stacking the promos that I found towards the end of September. I haven’t seen any recent promo codes posted but at least wanted to report that many of the ones posted earlier this year still worked. Last week I stayed 3 nights during the week and the cost without sales tax was approximately $. In addition to my base points I also got an additional 18,000 bonus points by stacking. I was doing the math with the current promo codes in place combined with the Into the Nights promo and if I book a room for Saturday in the town where I live it will trigger even more bonus points, get me to elite and I will make money because it will allow me to hit booking through IHG, my second Saturday stay, another qualifying brand and 2 Holiday Inns. I don’t know if more bonus points will trigger because not all offers on my status page have been completed and don’t know if I will continue to get points on the other promos good for 60 or 90 days. I know I’m rambling but the old promo codes are still working so use them and please post any new ones out there. Prob the easiest is watching the video and taking the quizzes.

"Frenzied" doesn't even begin to explain this game. In Captain Sonar, you and 7 friends helm two submarines in a real-time, elusive battle to the death. (Ignore the box, only play with 8 players.) Imagine a full table of two teams of four, separated by a long cardboard shield. Both teams' Captains are frenetically shouting directions as quickly as possible to evade drones and mines across a 15-by-15 grid studded with islands. The Engineers are pleading to let their ships surface to heal the damaged weapons or sonar systems; the Radio Operators are hungrily searching for areas of the map that match the enemy Captain's orders, which they're tracking with a felt marker, a clear plastic sheet, and a map.

How To Use It:

  • Unlike other brooms, this one can be used by pushing or pulling. For improved results over all applications, a pulling action will be the best choice, but it can also be used similar to a traditional push broom if desired.
  • On hard floors, you will basically sweep like normal. As you pull, a static charge will begin to build. This charge sucks dirt and debris in toward the broom, and keeps it close as you sweep. This action makes your job easier, and allows you to quickly finish with less frustration. The strong charge will also prevent debris from flying away or becoming airborne as you clean.
  • Apply a little pressure as you pull it backwards, and all regular debris will be collected in a single motion. For tougher stuff, several shorter strokes will work the best.
  • With each pass, you will notice that the already swept dirt remain in front of the broom and builds as you go.
  • A couple of taps on the floor will release the static charge to make it quick and easy to collect your dirt when you finish.
  • On hard floors when cleaning regular dirt, push or pull. For hair or fur pulling will be eaiser.
  • When using on carpet or anything similar, you will want to use the pulling method. Short deliberate strokes, pulled toward you, will give the best results on carpeting. This will help to build up the static charge and pull out the hair and dirt from deep in the carpet.
  • When using the broom in wet applications, a back and forth scrubbing motion, or using a circular pattern will give the best results. Flip it over and use the squeegee to dry.
  • Any time you sweep, you will form a solid wall of cleaning might that will quickly and efficiently clean any floor in your home.
  • Safe to use anywhere, and fool-proof in it's ability. Washable if dirty.
The 12" Household Rubber Broom by Sweepa is the ultimate way to sweep the floors in your home. Order Yours Today!

Best stackable steroids

best stackable steroids


best stackable steroidsbest stackable steroidsbest stackable steroidsbest stackable steroids