Haemolytic anaemia steroid treatment

Anaemia is a disease that occurs when the number of red blood cells (RBCs) and/or the amount of haemoglobin found in the red blood cells falls below normal. Red blood cells and the haemoglobin contained within them are necessary for moving oxygen from the lungs to the rest of the body. Without an adequate supply of oxygen, many parts of the body will not work properly. Anaemia can be mild, moderate or severe depending on how much the RBC count and/or haemoglobin levels have fallen. It is a fairly common condition and affects both men and women of all ages and ethnic groups. Certain people are at an increased risk of developing anaemia. These include people with diets poor in iron and some vitamins, long lasting illnesses such as kidney disease , diabetes , cancer, inflammatory bowel disease , a family history of inherited anaemia, longstanding infections such as tuberculosis or HIV  and those who have had significant blood loss from injury or surgery.

There are two models for this: the hapten model and the autoantibody model. The hapten model proposes that certain drugs, especially penicillin and cephalosporins , will bind to certain proteins on the red cell membrane and act as haptens (small molecules that can elicit an immune response only when attached to a large carrier such as a protein; the carrier may be one that also does not elicit an immune response by itself). Antibodies are created against the protein-drug complex, leading to the destructive sequence described above. The autoantibody model proposes that, through a mechanism not yet understood, certain drugs will cause antibodies to be made against red blood cells which again leads to the same destructive sequence.

Hello . I am anemic and was precribe ferrous sulfate 325mg 2 pills a day. I have notice since ive been taking iron pills that i have trapped gas really bad. My stomach rumbles day n night . I go to sleep with trapped gas and wake up the same. I also have pressure on my chest that comes and goes. Every time i drink anything like water i start to burp. I sometimes feel rumbling like on my throat. I also have loose stool. Every morning i have to go couple of times to restroom. I have been taking my pills for 11 days now. I already had issues with trap gas before taking iron but it has gotten worse. I read to avoid eating certain foods but i dont even eat that much since im also dealing with nausea that comes and goes. Yesturday i had me soup, an icee and a grilled chicken burger. Last night before eating my burger i started to feel pain on my chest and started feeling all anxious i was about to have anxiety/panic attack my heart started racing. Felt like it was gas. But not sure if it was caused by being anemic since i have been feeling this way when i went to see my dr two weeks ago or if it was the gas and just got scared and started to panic. Ugh i hate all this!! As i lay here right now my stomach is rumbling. I want to know what side effect have you had by taking iron pills. Cant wait to see my dr on wed.

Haemolytic anaemia steroid treatment

haemolytic anaemia steroid treatment


haemolytic anaemia steroid treatmenthaemolytic anaemia steroid treatmenthaemolytic anaemia steroid treatmenthaemolytic anaemia steroid treatmenthaemolytic anaemia steroid treatment