Injection vs pills steroids

Hi, please advise if are there any dangers in drinking the vitamin BCO Injection and can one overdose it? I am asking because every month I do drink a vitamin B injection with milk and I have been doing do for a year. Please advise if this is not dangerous for my health and can it cause me to gain weight? I prefer drinking injection once than taking tablets evryday. Does drinking Vitamin B injection has any effect in my fertility and libido? I also mix the vitamin B injection with the Cream E45 that I use on my face, is that not bad for my skin either? One may conclude that I am obsessed with Vitamin B injection, maybe it''s true but it is because it works wonders on my skin. Ever since I started drinking and mixing it with my face cream I never had any pimple, blemish on my skin, it is now foever glowing and the complexion is good too, even if I was exposed to the hot sun I don't even get dark my complexion remains the same glowing all the time. Please advised if the above has no side effects especially in the long run.

Second question, maybe 9 years ago I developed a mole on my nose. Now I've notice that it is slowly growing it has start to be too visible unlike before. Now that it is visible I want to remove it and I heard it is dangerous to just cut it out it may cause a skin cancer is that true? Please also advise as to which medication I should ask for in the pharmacy that will remove this thing or maybe which Dr I should consult maybe a Dermatologist?? thanks pliz reply

Injection vs pills steroids

injection vs pills steroids


injection vs pills steroidsinjection vs pills steroidsinjection vs pills steroidsinjection vs pills steroidsinjection vs pills steroids