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On Northumberland Park, one of the first estates earmarked for regeneration under the HDV, more than 1,000 social-rent homes face demolition. Their replacement is just over 5,000 homes – the vast majority for sale or rent privately. According to the freedom of information (FoI) response, only 31% of new homes are designated as affordable . And crucially, the plans make no explicit provision at all for social-rent housing. Lendlease, to remind you, bulldozed nearly 1,200 social-rent homes on south London’s Heygate estate and built just 82 in their stead.

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Juggernaut fitness steroids

juggernaut fitness steroids


juggernaut fitness steroidsjuggernaut fitness steroidsjuggernaut fitness steroidsjuggernaut fitness steroidsjuggernaut fitness steroids