Reliable sources for anabolic steroids

Speculative proposals and early-stage research should not be cited to imply wide acceptance. For example, results of an early-stage clinical trial would not be appropriate in the Treatment section on a disease because future treatments have little bearing on current practice. The results might – in some cases – be appropriate for inclusion in an article specifically dedicated to the treatment in question or to the researchers or businesses involved in it. Such information, particularly when citing secondary sources, may be appropriate in research sections of disease articles. To prevent misunderstanding, the text should clearly identify the level of research cited (., "first-in-human safety testing").

Paul Ziemkiewicz, , Director, Water Research Institute
West Virginia University
William J. Hall, CPG, Director
Shale Gas Innovation and Commercialization Center
Ben Franklin Technology PArtners
Presenting Companies
CEGEN Green Energy LLC
PetroMar Technologies, Inc.
Quiet Professional Solutions, LLC
Simtable, LLC
Tensar International Corporation
Tri-Force Consulting Services, Inc.
TZero Research & Development
West Virginia University

Several of the websites that appear in Google’s results are written by businessmen who are trying to sell you something. They aren’t interested in presenting you with unbiased data.

  • Google’s search results are tailored to you (based on your past browsing history, your location, the sites you’ve visited previously, etc.). The problem with this individualization of search results is that Google is not providing you with the best information, it’s giving you what it thinks you’ll click on. Those may be two separate things.
  • Google’s results are focused on information available on the internet space that is easily accessed. There is a large amount of great information available on the “invisible web” that Google cannot find. The invisible web consists of sites that are not linked to externally, which makes them hidden from Google’s searching and indexing software.
  • For these reasons, we have a couple of reservations about using Google’s search engine for research purposes. To help, we’ve drafted a couple general rules about when and when not to use Google.

    Reliable sources for anabolic steroids

    reliable sources for anabolic steroids


    reliable sources for anabolic steroidsreliable sources for anabolic steroidsreliable sources for anabolic steroidsreliable sources for anabolic steroidsreliable sources for anabolic steroids