Rich piana steroid cycles

I know the massive cycles Rich was doing plus mega dosing GH obviously Didn’t help him, I’m sure his heart was enlarged and weakend, not to mention high BP and whatever else was going on. But in the end his death was actually caused from drug abuse(not the steroid type). Gear can be ran safely as millions of people can prove. Problem is when you go crazy with dosing and never coming off. I’m not condoning steroids but just wanted to show the difference between a responsible user and somebody who abuses. Anyway RIP big guy, no one will ever fill your void.

bostin Lloyd takes the cake over piana knowingly using ASs in videos showing everything talking about where he gets it. doing unreal amounts totally ridiculous. his tard GF doing a bunch of unknown compounds at one time because dummy tells her too then she wonder why her hair is falling out in clumps and a tong of other sides. well if she didn't run more then one unknown she would be able to pin point it. anyways Lloyd will never get a card or his idiot GF the industry doesn't bring ASs into the public and they sure dont want their athletes they sponsor giving cookie cutter cycles to kids over facebook and you tube. let alone sponsoring some fool who only gets attention from talking about ASs all the time and saying more is better and its all about the gear and naturally you cant bodybuild whether its a natty organization or not. people like this is what is wrong with bodybuilding today and whats wrong with todays generation of people. todays generation of people just want more results faster with less work , instead of doing more intense cardio with awesome diet ill just up the tren , or add in compounds like dnp that could quite possibly kill me , unreal let me know how bostins doing in 5 years. sorry rant over vike just cant stand that guy .

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Rich piana steroid cycles

rich piana steroid cycles


rich piana steroid cyclesrich piana steroid cyclesrich piana steroid cyclesrich piana steroid cyclesrich piana steroid cycles