Secosteroid definition

Rodents are somewhat more susceptible to high doses than other species, and cholecalciferol has been used in poison bait for the control of these pests. It has been claimed that the compound is less toxic to non-target species. However, in practice it has been found that use of cholecalciferol in rodenticides represents a significant hazard to other animals, such as dogs and cats. "Cholecalciferol produces hypercalcemia, which results in systemic calcification of soft tissue, leading to renal failure, cardiac abnormalities, hypertension, CNS depression, and GI upset. Signs generally develop within 18-36 hr of ingestion and can include depression, anorexia, polyuria, and polydipsia." [33]

Similarly, another talk that we believe should have discussed 1,25-D levels but did not was Dr. Stephanie Atkinson’s remarks on vitamin D in pregnancy. That is because researchers have realized for some time now that 1,25-D is over -expressed during pregnancy . [ 21 ] Placental conversion was demonstrated in vitro in 1979 , [ 22 ] over-expression of 1,25-D in vivo in 1980 , [ 23 ] and the dysregulated vitamin D metabolism was described in 1981 . [ 24 ] If 1,25-D becomes elevated during pregnancy, then isn’t it only prudent that studies on vitamin D and pregnancy should measure it and its relationship to 25-D?

Secosteroid definition

secosteroid definition


secosteroid definitionsecosteroid definitionsecosteroid definitionsecosteroid definition