Steroid hormones structure

Cells of the zona fasciculata and zona reticularis lack aldosterone synthase (CYP11B2) that converts corticosterone to aldosterone, and thus these tissues produce only the weak mineralocorticoid corticosterone. However, both these zones do contain the CYP17A1 missing in zona glomerulosa and thus produce the major glucocorticoid, cortisol. Zona fasciculata and zona reticularis cells also contain CYP17A1, whose 17,20-lyase activity is responsible for producing the androgens, dehydroepiandosterone (DHEA) and androstenedione. Thus, fasciculata and reticularis cells can make corticosteroids and the adrenal androgens, but not aldosterone.

Prednisone is an important man-made steroid medication, used to treat inflammation . Certain anabolic steroids, such as testosterone, are used as drugs to help make muscles stronger. Such steroids are used to improve a person's performance, but they are sometimes overused and abused by athletes that depend on them. The rate of steroid abuse grew greatly in the early 21st century, all over the world. Anabolic steroids can have very bad effects on the human body. The use of doping in sports started at the same time then with the sports itself. Now, no olympic game comes without scandals based on athletes caught on taking AAS or other known doping. This is explained by high efficiency of anabolics in enhancing the physical abilities of the athlete. Nevertheless, the use of AAS is not limited by official sports. A lot of amateurs, looking forward to achieve beautiful body are buying steroids. The main point consist in the fact that use of AAS gives an ultimate opportunity to be faster, stronger and more beautiful than athlete even could be without AAS - to get over the genetic barrier of natural possibilities!

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Steroid hormones structure

steroid hormones structure


steroid hormones structuresteroid hormones structuresteroid hormones structuresteroid hormones structuresteroid hormones structure