Steroid shot hurts

“It’s nothing personal or argumentative, but to have somebody fight the top fighter of our era with someone who hasn’t had one professional boxing match -- they’re out of their mind. If [McGregor] hasn’t trained for years, he’s not going to perform … he’s not a fighter. He’s a combat fighter, not a boxer. It’s a different sport. The MMA guys have to have different movements and stances to guard against a kick or a takedown, It’s not the same stance as a boxer. Boxers stand a different way, and Mayweather is the greatest practitioner of that.”

Honestly, I wasted time and procrastinated over having surgery as I had never met anyone my age (52), and thought I was too young, and only had experience of hip replacement in the emergency situation when people have fallen etc and fractured the neck of Femur. I had several injections, none of which ever really worked, and on occasion made the pain worse. I'm now day 12 post op replacement, and honestly, yes, its not been comfortable, and it looks like I may have some wound infection starting up, but that horrific, relentless pain, fatigue and bone on bone grinding is gone. I wish I had given in a year ago and seen sense

Eventually I saw someone that treated men with low T. I told him the history of when my issues occured after the epidural shots. He raised an eyebrow to it and said " we are starting to see more of that" . Some medications (epidural, statins, opiates, some blood pressure meds etc)depending on your age, dose and length of use can change your pituitary gland (I think the hypothalmus is related too.) Those glands produce and monitor your endocrince system and keeps things in balance. Sort of like a closed loop feedback system. If you are on a med too long, have a genetic issue or have an injury or illness to the pituitary then it stops or can't produce the appropriate chemicals like luteinizing hormone. some doctors deny this.

Steroid shot hurts

steroid shot hurts


steroid shot hurtssteroid shot hurtssteroid shot hurtssteroid shot hurtssteroid shot hurts