Ne... Nur ne Hautinfektion und ich Schluck Penicillin und hab mir steroidcreme ausm Krankenhaus für insgesamt 18euro
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Unfortunately, when I called all of the Dermatologists in Carson City, NV, where I live, and mention “mites” the front offices and nurses I talked to would not give me an appointment. This went on for six months and I finally decided I would use a “back door” process of getting to see someone. I have had skin cancers removed before so used that to get in for a check up and then presented my “mites” to the doctor. He checked me out really well and even told me how tired I looked and asked how was I sleeping and my reply was “with my eyes open”. He prescribed GABAPENTIN 300 MG CAP AMN. When I got the prescription and read the brochure, it said it was for Epilepsy and I though sure I had been given the wrong prescription and called the doctor and he laughed and said no it was for my mites. IN 3 DAYS I GOT THE FIRST FULL NIGHTS SLEEP I HAD HAD IN OVER A YEAR AND THE RELIEF I GOT FROM NOT HAVING THOSE MITES WIGGLING AROUND WAS UNBELIEVABLE!! I take this 3 times a day and am on a 3 months schedule. I still use the eye wipes and use Tea Tree Oil soap to wash my face but whatever this medication does has given me so much relief I;m still very caution about washing my bed linen about every 3 or 4 days and have pulled a couple of old pillows to sleep on and even have them in plastic covers. I even use a lint roller to go over my pillows and sheets and you can see very small bumps on the rollers. I’m getting a new mattress and box springs as well as I think they probably are in the box springs. I have always kept my mattress in a plastic zippered cover. Man DEMODEX and eyelash mites are Hell to live with. Never had a single bug in my entire life before now!!! I recommend anyone reading this to check with their Dermatologist about this med as it has really worked for me.