Ufc steroid use

Although it is a popular belief that steroids can give you cancer, this is actually a very rare phenomenon. Since anabolic/androgenic steroids are synthetic versions of a natural hormone that your body can metabolize quite easily, they usually place a very low level of stress on the organs. In fact, many steroidal compounds are safe to administer to individuals with a diagnosed liver condition, with little adverse effect. The only real exception to this is with the use of C17 alpha alkylated compounds, which, due to their chemical alteration, are somewhat liver toxic. In a small number of cases (primarily with Anadrol 50®) this toxicity has lead to severe liver damage and subsequently cancer. But we are speaking of a statistically insignificant number in the face millions of athletes who use steroids. These cases also tended to be very ill patients, not athletes, who were using extremely large dosages for prolonged periods of time. Steroid opponents will sometimes point out the additional possibility of developing Wilms Tumor from steroid abuse, which is a very serious form of kidney cancer. Such cases are so rare however, that no direct link between anabolic/androgenic steroid use and this disease has been conclusively established. Provided the athlete is not overly abusing methylated oral substances, and is visiting a doctor during heavier cycles, cancer should not be much of a concern.

On February 10, it was announced that Hector Lombard failed a fight night drug test, testing positive for the anabolic steroid desoxymethyltestosterone . The failed drug test was responsible for the cancellation of his bout against Rory MacDonald at UFC 186 . [14] On March 23, Lombard was suspended for one year, fined and had his win over Josh Burkman overturned to a no contest by the NSAC . He was fined his original $53,000 win bonus, plus one-third of the rest of his purse, which included $53,000 in show money. In addition, Lombard also must pass a drug test prior to getting relicensed by the NSAC. [15]

Ufc steroid use

ufc steroid use


ufc steroid useufc steroid useufc steroid useufc steroid useufc steroid use